Shantelle Williams - Lead Vocals

"What I love about R&B is its ever-evolving transformation, which allows me to infuse my gospel roots into fun vibes to groove to."


Tony Sanches - Drums/Vocals

"I find R&B inspiring as it reflects a full range of emotions--at times it's joyful or heartfelt, yet provides an incredibly fun groove to dance to."


Ed Feig - Bass

"I love holding down the bottom with this group. It’s like working the engine room on a party boat: burning hot and rocking down below, lots of singing and dancing up on the deck."


John Verdechi - Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals

"Motown, Stax and Chess Records are treasure chests of American music, and it’s so much fun recreating these masterpieces."


Bob Peto - Keyboards/Vocals

"Friends from the music business--the people that I share music with--these are my friends for life."



Jim Spad - Guitar

"This is the same great music I discovered when I first worked in clubs. I still love playing these now-classic R&B songs. I'm very happy to play with such talented musicians."


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